Why You Should Seriously Consider Irrigation As A Career

Feb 16, 2021 | Agriculture, Commercial Landscapes, Domestic Gardens, Retirement Villages, Turf

Why you should seriously consider irrigation as a career

The path to becoming an irrigation installer

In the past, the path to becoming an irrigation installer hasn’t been super clear, the job of “irrigation installer” was largely filled with self-taught or poorly taught “tradespeople”. Fortunately, that pathway has just been paved and the future is bright for irrigation installers in Victoria.

What does an irrigation installer do?

-I won’t lie, lots and lots of trench digging, When possible we use earthmoving equipment but quite regularly the digging is by hand, it provides a great workout, but its tough work.

-Setting out using the irrigation design

-Liaising with other trades

-Tapping into the mains water supply

-Installation of backflow prevention devices

-Installation of pumping and filtration equipment

-Installation of copper, PVC and poly pipe

-Installation of sprays and dripline

-installation of solenoid valves and irrigation control systems

-Backfill, bedding and compaction of trenches

-Clean up and backfill of trenches

-Site rectification including raking, topdressing and turfing

-Fault finding and maintenance of an irrigation system


The pathway to becoming an irrigation installer (In Victoria)

-Get a job with an irrigation company who has a licenced irrigation installer that you can work under

-Enrol and complete the certificate 3 in irrigation technology (With Irrigation Australia)(Cost is about 7k)

-After 2 years in the industry approach the VBA for registration as an irrigation installer (You will sit an exam for this registration)


Congratulations, you are now qualified and registered as an irrigation installer and HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER

Once you are registered as an irrigation installer with the VBA, you are able to start on a pathway to licencing, This is not 100% necessary unless you wish to be the person overseeing installations

The demand for great installers

Irrigation installation is a trade that requires VBA registration or licencing. Essentially you are unable to install an irrigation system in the urban environment from start to finish without registration or licence. Over the next five years, we predict huge career opportunities for those who are willing to put in the hard yards now. Currently, Many of the good installers in the industry are approaching retirement age, and the next 5 years will see many of them retire. Leaving a huge skills gap that you could be there to fill.

Have I sparked your interest?

Great! So you may be asking, what’s the deal with pay and remuneration? Well, I can only answer that question based on what Ecostream does!

While you are training with Ecostream (approx 2 years, or until you obtain VBA registration)

-You will earn $23 per hour unless junior wages apply

-You will receive a weekly tool allowance

-You get a uniform


-Annual leave, superannuation, holiday and sick pay

-You will get an IPAD with SIM for use within the business


Once you are registered and qualified

-You will earn $70K+ per year (full time)

-You will get a company vehicle

-You will receive a weekly tool allowance

-You get a uniform


-Annual leave, superannuation, holiday and sick pay

-You will get an IPAD with SIM for use within the business


Career opportunities and further development after becoming an installer

-You could obtain your urban irrigation licence to become a project manager, Supervisor or start your own irrigation business

-You could apply for certification with Irrigation Australia as a Contractor or Installer

-You could study and complete your Certified Irrigation Designer exams and become a Certifed Irrigation Designer, You could do short courses to obtain CAD design skills

-You could obtain earthmoving and poly welding tickets

-You could study Irrigation at certificate 4 or Diploma level

-You could study project management, contract administration, engineering or business to obtain management level positions in large irrigation firms or irrigation manufacturers.


Are you interested in joining the Ecostream Water Management team and following the irrigation installer career path?

Yes, That is awesome …. Just a few more things you should know

-Our team is diverse, you may be more suited for the role than you may think

-The work is hard and can be dusty, sweaty a muddy

-We work outdoors and in all weather conditions

-We travel all over Victoria and will require you to stay away from home on occasion (accommodation and staying away from home allowances apply)

-You need to have your own vehicle to get to the site (While training)

-You need to be onsite by 7 am and we work until 3.30 pm Monday to Friday

-You need to obtain a Working with Children’s check and construction induction white card

-We pay an excellent training wage, well above what you would get paid as an apprentice or trainee, you are required to pay for your own schooling and any fees associated with obtaining your qualification and registration. (the schooling is about $7000.00 you may be able to discuss a payment plan with the school or use a service like afterpay).

-You need to be physically fit to carry out this work

-We require and expect a high standard of communication and respect, You need to be able to communicate effectively within our team and with suppliers, customers consultants and the general public. We do not tolerate rude behaviour or language.

If you are interested in a career in irrigation, give me a call directly to discuss on 0437199546 (Adrian), I am always willing to train someone willing to learn.

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