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If you are looking for smart irrigation design and a friendly reliable team we’re here to help.
We care about the irrigation project as much as our customers do. Through understanding of the site particulars and expert knowledge we design and create solutions to last. To see some of our craftsmenship, visit our most recent works page, you can also find reviews from some of our happy clients, just click here.

We are Ecostream.

Adrian and Richard have been working together since 2004. They became partners in 2014 united in their firm belief in quality, lasting relationships, trust and professionalism.
Ecostream is committed to each project, ensuring a smart design that will last, allow plants to flourish and save on water and electricity costs.
A turn key outfit, Ecostream has a professional team of certified, qualified, licensed and insured installers, machine operators, designers and project managers.
Adrian Walsh

Adrian Walsh


Adrian brings 17 years of experience in the industry and specialises in Irrigation Project Management and solving complex plumbing/irrigation issues. His long-standing interest for horticulture, his in-depth knowledge of plumbing and expertise in project management contributes to his success in the Irrigation industry. Adrian’s passion for irrigation has led him to teach at Holmesglen TAFE in sports turf. Adrian is highly praised for his dedication, skill and genuine personality.

Adrian is the only Certified Irrigation Contractor servicing Melbourne.

Richard Jolly

Richard Jolly


Richard is renowned in the industry for his exceptional irrigation designs. He has won the Savewater award for his design and installation of a water harvesting project for the City of Whitehorse Parkswide nursery. Richard is also a qualified Golf Course Superintendent and business owner of 17 years. With 20 years of rich experience, Richard is an intelligent, dedicated and highly recognised individual.

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We care about the world’s water issues. See how we’re contributing to making a difference in the places that need it most.

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