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At Ecostream we offer irrigation design services, our team of irrigation designers have the experience, knowledge and drive to ensure that your irrigation system is the lifeblood of your next horticultural project.
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Irrigation Designers

Our team of certified irrigation designers is slightly different from what you may have experienced in the past.

Certified Irrigation Designers

Richard Jolly

Richard Jolly


Richard is renowned in the industry for his exceptional irrigation designs. With 20 years of rich experience, Richard is an intelligent, dedicated and highly recognised individual. Read more…

Certified irrigation designers
irrigation designer

Irrigation System Design

How are we different?

  • Our designers are licenced to work on plumbing infrastructure. This is a bigger deal than you may think. Did you know that most irrigation designers in Australia do not have the required licence to work on the irrigation infrastructure they design?  This means that if they are unlicensed and disconnect a water meter to undertake a simple pressure and flow test, they are doing that work illegally! At Ecostream, our head designer Richard Jolly licenced to work on irrigation infrastructure, including water meters. Adrian Walsh is licensed in all facets of water supply.


  • We love horticulture! Sadly, many projects are designed without the most significant factor – a thriving landscape! Yes, we care about the other stuff like contract obligations, tender documentation, irrigation efficiency, hydraulics, etc. But we also know that we have missed the point if we don’t keep the goal of a beautiful green space. So if you want an irrigation company that “gets it,” call us and chat.


  • We are friendly and will work with all parties, including landscapers, irrigation contractors, and anyone involved in your project. We will do all of this with a smile! (Smiles are free)


  • We offer four price packages for each consultancy project! The price changes based on our level of involvement. The cool thing is that you can see what is included in each box and exactly what you will get for your money. Each proposal has a value option and a premium package. We offer the most transparent consultancy proposals in the industry.

The types of projects we offer irrigation design and consultancy for.

  • Commercial landscape – for councils, landscape architecture firms, developers, engineering firms, and universities.
  • Sports fields – for councils, schools, and turf consultants.
  • Domestic landscape – generally for more significant properties.
  • Golf

If your organisation needs a change in the way it outsources irrigation design and consultancy services, it might be time to contact Ecostream.

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