Our irrigation installation team is led by Adrian Walsh - the only certified irrigation contractor in Victoria (with Irrigation Australia). Adrian is also the host of Irrination - Australia's Landscape irrigation Podcast
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Irrigation Installation Melbourne

How are we different?

  • We have a documented process we work too, Our processes for the installation of irrigation are cloud-based (so our team have access to our process’s at any time) and we have set our own in-house standards to how an irrigation system should be installed. Our installation standards far exceed Australian and industry standards.
  • We are OHS compliant, all of our OHS is cloud-based, our team have checklists they use on the job to ensure that we meet compliance and the task is carried out safely. There is no such thing as an old OHS folder gathering dust on a shelf at Ecostream.
  • Our management team work in the field with our installation crews. forget air-conditioned offices, Our leadership team know what is going on, because they are right there in the trenches.
  • We are licensed with the Victorian Building Authority to install irrigation systems. The sad fact is that most irrigation systems in Victoria are installed illegally by unlicensed installers.
  • We own and use our own equipment, including under road boring equipment, mini diggers, excavators, poly welding and copper crimping equipment.
  • We understand tendering and have a full-time irrigation estimator on our team.

Irrigation installers

The types of projects we offer irrigation design and consultancy for.

  • Commercial – Parks and Gardens, Sports Turf, Aged Care facilities, Schools, Commercial Landscapers
  • Domestic – For homeowners, builders and domestic landscapers
  • Golf
  • Production Horticulture and nurseries
Irrigation installers melbourne
Irrigation installation melbourne

Irrigation System Installation

We have installed systems to some of the most significant horticulture and heritage sites in Victoria including:
  • Irrigation system at Tim Neville arboretum
  • Irrigation system for the Arid Gardens at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Irrigation system and water feature hydraulics for 2019 Landscaping Victoria “Commercial Landscape of the year” 
  • Irrigation systems for medicinal cannibis projects
  • Pentridge Prison
  • Peninsula Hot Springs
  • Treasury Gardens
We install irrigation systems throughout the Mornington Peninsula, Metropoliton Melbourne, Bass Coast, Yarra Valley and Gippsland

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Please call Adrian on (03) 5975 9898 to discuss your next irrigation installation project or to organise an onsite consultation. Otherwise complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. Please complete all fields.

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