How Do Commercial Irrigation Systems Work?

Mar 19, 2024 | Commercial Landscapes

Here’s a basic overview of how Commercial Irrigation Systems typically operate:

Water Source: The system is connected to a water source, for a commercial landscape irrigation system, this is usually supplied from the water authorities piping network. Sometimes the irrigation system is connected to a rainwater harvesting system as its water supply.

Distribution Pipes: Water is distributed through a network of pipes including the irrigation mainline, submains and lateral pipework 

Control Valves: a commercial irrigation irrigation system is zoned to separate different microclimates throughout the irrigated area. It is also zoned to account for available pressures and flows onsite. Zones are generally controlled with a solenoid valve.

Emitters: At the end of the sub-main pipes and lateral pipework sprinkler heads or drip emitters are used to deliver water to the plants. Sprinkler heads are suitable for larger areas, while drip emitters are more precise and efficient for targeted watering.

Controllers: Automated controllers regulate the timing and duration of watering cycles based on factors like soil moisture levels, weather conditions, and plant type. Controllers can be programmed to water different zones at different times and adjust watering schedules as needed.

Sensors: Some systems incorporate sensors such as rain sensors to prevent watering during or directly after a rain event.

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