Matt Shorey, Commercial Landscaper


I have worked with Adrian for four or five years now. When I have a capital works job – it is him that I call. We have tried others but he is our choice.


Adrian is very keen to take jobs on and has a good attitude. While other companies can be negative and say it’s “too hard”, he is always positive and committed to finding a solution and getting it done.

If something goes wrong, the guys at Ecostream will always follow up. They are very knowledgeable; it’s great to be able to talk to them and bounce around ideas. They have specialized skills in hydraulics and Adrian’s plumbing background is an absolute bonus. So helpful to have when there are issues with the mains or water pipes, etc

They respond really quickly, they make a good impression on clients – no complaints at all. They are well dressed, well spoken and reliable.

It is so much better dealing with the owners rather than the big companies where you only talk to the worker who is not as qualified, and everything has to pass through multiple hands.