Benefits of a well-installed and designed irrigation system

I recently had to list some benefits for an irrigation system design and installation customer.  Here is an excerpt from the letter, though it may be worth sharing… – Adrian Walsh

As you know a high level of consideration must go into the way the irrigation system design and installation on this project. A poorly designed and/or installed irrigation system can quickly bring ongoing and unnecessary maintenance and water costs, headaches for future onsite maintenance staff, frustration for residents, and poor standing in the local community and water authorities through inefficient water use. On the flip side of this:

A well-designed and installed irrigation system can provide the following benefits:

  • Beautifying landscaped areas – increasing the visual appeal of the site, potential positive impact on property values, lifted community spirit
  • Huge water savings – Providing economic savings and environmental sustainability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lowered risk of asset damage due to burst pipes and over spraying
  • Assurance that your irrigation investment is covered through a mandatory 7-year Victorian Building Authority Certificate of Compliance issued by a licensed urban irrigation installer for all tapping locations and pressurized mainline.

Benefits of smart irrigation are achieved through:

  • Smart modern technology, Remote access to the irrigation controller/s, Connection to localised weather station/s to adjust the irrigation system watering times when required, Flow monitoring to alert maintenance staff of leaks/blockages and control wire issues, Access to water usage and weather data for billing and water usage evaluation purposes
  • Reputable and Tested irrigation products
  • Installation as per the Australian Plumbing Code and current Permanent water saving rules
  • Holistic approach to design. Most sites require considerations above and beyond just distribution uniformity, site-specific considerations are important to consider. For example: You would preferably not have pop-up sprays installed on the edge of a winding and narrow road to a block of units (where possible). They will be damaged and the potential maintenance costs could run into the thousands.