Irrigation Design And Consultancy

Dec 16, 2020 | Agriculture, Commercial Landscapes, Domestic Gardens, Retirement Villages, Turf

Irrigation design and consultancy


Every Landscape Irrigation system should be planned out prior to installation. The planning could be as basic as some marking flags, a can of marking paint, and a pressure and flow test kit OR it could be as intricate as liaising with land surveyors, civil engineers, hydraulic consultants, landscape architects, water authorities, local councils, government organisations and developers.

So the question is, When should you engage an irrigation consultant to provide design and consultancy services instead of just ringing your local irrigation installer to provide a design as part of the installation service they offer?

And our answer is (in my opinion). You could engage a consultant to increase your chance of a successful outcome if your project has one of or a combination of the following

  • Multistory
  • Requires water harvesting
  • Sports turf
  • Over 2000m2 of irrigated area
  • You have a limited water supply
  • You would like an advocate to liaise with the irrigation contractor and to hold the contractor accountable
  • You would like a detailed scope of work, specifications and plan so you can obtain “apples for apples” quotes from installers/contractors.

A consultant will work for you to ensure successful horticultural outcomes, water savings and financial savings.


If you want to increase your chance of success on your project – Engage an irrigation consultant


How to choose a consultant

Not all consultants are created equal

To increase your chance of success in choosing a consultant

1.    Choose a Certified Irrigation Designer – Someone who is certified with Irrigation Australia. Not all designers who claim certification are actually certified. You can find a certified designer on the Irrigation Australia Website, to open the “Member Directory” click here.

2.    Check professional indemnity insurance.

3.    Ask what design program they use, ensure it is CAD-based. Some common great design programs are Irricad and LandFX.

4.    Get references

5.    Ask around the industry: irrigation contractors, landscaping companies and council turf staff are likely to have experience with a number of irrigation designers and consultants. They will be able to tell you what companies provide them with great service.


How to improve your chance of a successful outcome on a project when your budget doesn’t allow for an irrigation designer or consultant to be engaged?

Honestly, an irrigation consultant may not be required if you know what to ask for and how to specify. If you choose not to engage a consultant and instead to ask irrigation installation companies to provide irrigation quotes as design and construct quotations – you can still be successful and can also save $$$.


So what do you ask for from an irrigation installation company?

You can start with.

1.    A clear scope of the irrigated areas

2.    A specification (we have already made an editable you one that you can use)(Find it VIA  link)

3.    An Irrigation contractor checklist

(we have already made an editable one that you can use)(Find it VIA  link)

These things can help in choosing an irrigation company for your project.


Why use Ecostream as your irrigation consultants on your next project?

1.    We are certified, insured, qualified, experienced and all the other stuff that you would expect an irrigation company to be. We actually know how to design awesome irrigation systems

2.    We understand the construction process and not only design for great outcomes, but also to ensure the irrigation design works for construction.

3.    I promise – You will love working with us. We are easy to work with, we always have fun and look forward to building long-standing and great relationships.

4.    We have worked on some of the most significant horticultural projects and sites in Australia.

5.    We offer options and various pricing based on our level of involvement in your project, options are always good!

6.    We are based in Melbourne but do design and consultancy work Australia Wide! We also have the capacity for international projects.


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