Do I Have To Be Licensed To Install An Irrigation System?

Oct 6, 2020 | Agriculture, Commercial Landscapes, Domestic Gardens, Retirement Villages, Turf

Do I have to be licenced to install a domestic irrigation system?

*This advice is suitable for urban irrigation installations in Victoria*

Yes. For some sections of the irrigation system, a licenced plumber or irrigation installer will be required, However, You can legally install about 80-90% of the irrigation system yourself. 

What parts of the irrigation system need to be installed by a plumber or licenced irrigation installer?

  • The tapping into the water supply
  • Any water tank connections
  • Any pumping
  • The master valve
  • The mainline
  • The solenoid valves

What part of the irrigation system can I install if I don’t hold an irrigation licence?

  • The irrigation controller
  • Low voltage (24V) irrigation cable
  • Lateral pipework downstream of the solenoid valve
  • The rain sensor
  • Irrigation sprays and nozzles
  • Dripline

How can I reduce the cost of the irrigation installation?

  • Do the work you are allowed to legally do yourself
  • Even though some parts of the job require the expertise of a plumber or irrigation installer, you can handle the trenching, digging, backfilling, and laboring on your own. The licenced person needs to do those “plumbing” bits. But nothing is stopping you from doing the preparation work for them. This will save you much money. If you need a trenching machine, hire one from your nearest hire place, or if operating a machine is daunting, engage a mini digger operator (Dingo, kanga, Vermeer operator) to come and dig it for you.

How to install your own domestic irrigation system, save money, and have a successful outcome

  • Get some help with the design – We have a team of designers ready to help
  • Watch our YouTube training videos or ask our shop staff how to do the aspects of the job you are uncertain of – We are seriously irrigation nerds and love talking about irrigation way more than anyone should. We will be there for any help you need
  • Purchase your materials – We have a well-stocked irrigation store on the Mornington Peninsula, we can ship materials Australia wide
  • Engage a local plumber to carry out the small amount of plumbing on the job
  • Once finished, enjoy your amazing garden that now has its very own irrigation system

If this is all too much or sounds like hard work, Contact us anyway, We have an installation team that is fully licenced and insured.

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