Can I Water My Garden With Google Home Or Google Assistant?

Sep 28, 2020 | Domestic Gardens, Turf

Can I water my garden with Google Home Device or Google Assistant?

I love that my Google Home device is connected to my Spotify account. It’s still a novelty using those magic words “Hey Google! Play Keith Urban” and instantly having my wish granted.

So can Google water my garden? Well, popular irrigation brands such as Rainbird and Orbit claim that it is possible on some of the controllers in their ranges, along with some smaller brands that are popping up claiming the same thing.

So, I will test some of these claims this summer to see how seamless this connectivity is.

As an irrigation supply and installation company, I can see the importance of profoundly understanding this topic. Over the coming years, I  envisage that connectivity into customers’ chosen “Home Assistant” will be one of the number 1 priorities for automated irrigation at home.

I am also highly interested in other technologies we need to research so we can offer turnkey automated garden solutions.

Along with irrigation, can Google?

-Operate garden lighting (The answer to this is yes, by the way)

-Open/close chook pens

-Operating robotic mowers

-Opening/shutting gates

-Monitoring ponds and tank

This is where I will spend my time over the next 12 months—creating a way Ecostream can offer automated garden solutions across the Mornington Peninsula.

In the meantime, we can assist in getting your irrigation up and running while connected to the cloud.

We currently give customers remote access to their irrigation systems with

-Hydrawise HC

-Hydrwise HCC

-Hydrawise PRO HCC

-Hydrwise HPC

-Rainbird IQ3

-Rainbird IQ4

-Rainbird IQ Cloud

-Rainbird ESP-Me with LNK Module

-Rainbird ESP-TM2 with LNK Module

-Weathermatic Smartline

-Weathermatic Proline

-Orbit B-Hyve

These irrigation controllers can access your irrigation system anywhere in the world.


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