What Irrigation Design Program Does Ecostream Use?

Mar 1, 2021 | Agriculture, Commercial Landscapes, Domestic Gardens, Retirement Villages, Turf

FAQ – What irrigation design program does Ecostream use?

At Ecostream, we choose irrigation design that will best suit your projects.

Domestic Design

For domestic irrigation design, we use a design program called ProContractor. ProContractor is a basic design program that uses an image file as a base for the plan. it is accurate enough for a domestic design but is also very basic. We would recommend it for use on projects no larger than 2000 sq.m.

Commercial Design

For commercial irrigation design, we use one of two design programs. one is IRRICAD, and the other program is BricsCAD. IRRICAD is our preferred program. It is extremely efficient and accurate when it comes to head layout, hydraulics, quantifying the project, and it delivers beautiful designs. On occasion, we have trouble opening an architect’s file, and it’s in this instance, we will use BricsCAD as a design program. BricsCAD also delivers a nice looking design, but it has no hydraulic “smarts”. When we use BricsCAD, we need to use other resources to obtain information to design the project. These resources can include manufacturer’s technical documentation, hydraulic calculators such as HydroCalc, and FLUFF (by Vinidex). 

The best part of using either of our commercial design programs is that we are able to input survey information obtained onsite. At Ecostream, we often obtain site information using our Topcon Hiper Rover. The great thing about the rover is that we do not require base plans to be provided (it the site is established), we are able to obtain accurate onsite information that generally has better than 40mm accuracy (it won’t work on a cloudy day though).

So if you are looking for an irrigation designer, Ecostream will be able to help with any of your needs

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