Is Water Authority Permission Required For My Irrigation System?

May 20, 2021 | Agriculture, Commercial Landscapes, Domestic Gardens

Do I need permission from my local water authority to install an irrigation system on a private property? Maybe.

Water authorities are very interested in any plumbing infrastructure that is going to significantly increase water use onsite. An irrigation system on many occasions will greatly increase your water use (and water bill)

If you are planning on installing an irrigation system to your property, we would recommend having a quick chat to the plumbing compliance or connections team within your local water authority to find out if they have any special requirements when it comes to installing an irrigation system.

They may have some requirements about the following items (and more)

1.    Watering windows

In the world of irrigation we rarely get the luxury of 24 hours a day to water. A watering window is the window of time we choose to irrigate in, or a water authority tells us we have to irrigate in. For example, some stages of water restrictions might say you can only water between 10pm and 6am on alternate days. Most water authorities have their own version of permanent water saving rules in place and there is probably a window you need to try and irrigate within

2.    Recycled Water

If you are connecting to a water authority recycled service , The authority may have a requirement to book in inspections throughout the installation and prior to backfill. Please don’t miss an inspection, or ignore the requirement for an inspection. There is also a bunch of requirements about backflow, labelling, colour etc etc when it comes to using recycled water onsite. Sometimes you may also need to prepare an environmental improvement/management plan if you plan to use recycled water onsite.

3.    Pressure boosting

Sometimes you may need to pressure boost inline. If you plan to do this, the water authority will want to know about it. They may have requirements about the use of VFD pumps, maximum flows and flow restriction devices. They may also request you use a master valve on the irrigation system if you are pressure boosting.

4.    Water saving devices

Some water authorities may be interested in the use of water saving devices onsite. The use of rain sensors, pressure regulated components and smart controllers may be a requirement.

It is always advisable to contact the appropriate authorities if you plan to install an irrigation system. The water authority is only one of a few of the governing bodies that has some interest in the way your irrigation system is installed.

We regularly liaise with South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, City West Water an Western Water when we install irrigation systems


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