“Free” Domestic And Light Commercial Irrigation Designs.

For a long time now there have been a number of irrigation companies across Australia who offer “Free” irrigation designs. From my point of view, such a concept is mythical.

My understanding is that some irrigation companies offer the following service/quoting process:

  • You bring in a landscape plan
  • The irrigation supply company do an irrigation design (so they can work out the components required for your quote) *you will not receive a copy of the plan/design
  • You receive a “Lump Sum” quote for materials, *No quantities of materials are given
  • If you accept the quote from the irrigation supply company you will receive your “Free Design”

How is this a “Free” irrigation design? You have to potentially spend thousands of dollars to get the design, Surely your design costs have been incorporated into the costs of the materials you are purchasing.

Potential risks with free irrigation designs

Over-engineering: I have seen this first hand, By entrusting the design to the company selling the material there is every chance the company will cover their costs of the design by over-engineering the job to get more parts into the sale.

I recently saw an irrigation project designed as a “free” design, the given design could have easily had a fixed speed pump used in it (The right pump would have been about $800.00). However, when I reviewed the “free” design I noticed that the designer had suggested a VFD pump be used (The suggested pump is worth about $4000.00). With a slight tweak to the irrigation design, I was able to make the system suitable for a fixed speed pump, saving the contractor $3200.00.

Overpaying for materials: How do you compare “apples with apples” when you don’t have a detailed breakdown of parts? The companies that offer free design are relying on the fact that you have very little information about what they actually quoted you. Remember you have not been given quantities or an irrigation design yet. Just their word that they have included everything.

Most irrigation supply companies are not delivering free irrigation designs, they are delivering free quotes. A transparent and proven alternative to free irrigation designs that makes financial sense for all parties involved.

At Ecostream we offer 3 options for pricing materials to customers on domestic and light commercial irrigation projects up to 3000m2.


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